Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sectional Champions!

Hello Friends!
As promised, here are some fun pictures from this weekend's Sectional Meet.  It was a close one, but our swimmers and divers pulled off the win, once again!  The high school season is all about TEAM-- everyone works toward a team victory, not individual victories.  That was definitely the case this past weekend;  we needed each and every swimmer and diver to contribute to the win.  And they did!!  Our divers started out the meet with a bang:  they took first, second, and third!  Our divers are truly amazing.  Our swimmers continued the magic on Saturday, swimming best times, and taking down team records.  The meet came down to the very last relay, and our team knew they had to beat Bay Port in order to win the meet.  They not only beat Bay Port, they shattered their own record from last year!  I couldn't be more proud of our incredible Sectional team.  They are truly the best-of-the-best!

It is a team tradition to jump in the pool all together after a Conference or Sectional win. I love this tradition, especially at Sectionals, where our JV team members join in the fun.  Every member of our team contributed to the Sectional win, whether they swam or dived this weekend, or not.

There's nothing like it!

Congratulations, Neenah Swimmers and Divers;  you are all Champions, and I am so proud to be your coach!



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  1. It takes a wonderful coach to have a wonderful team! You are SO appreciated!