Friday, November 16, 2012

Right On Target

 Hi Friends,

Yesterday was a huge day.  Huge!  Jack, John, and I went to the indoor shooting range so Jack could shoot his new bow for the first time.
 Jack has (literally) been working his butt off doing everyone's chores for the past 4 months so he could earn money for a new compound bow.  It was a lesson in working hard for what you want.  When Jack decided he wanted a compound bow to go with his recurve bow, John and I were skeptical.  After all, how many bows does an 11-year-old need?  After talking it over, John and I decided that Jack could work to earn the bow.  Of course, Jack (like any other kid) was not happy about waiting for the bow.  He wanted it right away.  But John stood firm and told him he had to earn it.  After months of lawn-mowing and dishwasher-emptying and garbage taking out, John told Jack it was time to go get the bow.  Jack was deliriously happy.  Like text-John-every-minute-until-it-was-time-to-go happy.
 Last night we tried it out.  Jack shot arrows while I shot pictures.  It worked out perfectly.  I have shot Jack's recurve bow, but his new compound bow looks a little scary to me.  I'm much more comfortable just shooting pictures.  : )
Jack shot at a target while he got used to his new bow.  Afterwards, he took me into the 3D range where you can shoot at animals.  I tried not to be too wigged out by the fact that among the alligator, deer, antelopes, and rabbits there were human heads.  That's weird, right?!?  Here's Jack's first set of arrows shot with the new bow:
Right on target.  Way to go on earning your new bow, Jack!  I hope it brings you nothing but joy.



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  1. What a great lesson of life; learning to work towards something you want. And obviously he's a good marksman too.