Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catching Up//Thanksgiving

 Hi Friends!

Oh, my.  I have completely dropping the blogging ball this past week!  I haven't even told you about our amazing Thanksgiving weekend!  John, the kids, Buster, and I headed down to John's parents' house to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The whole weekend was fantastic.  There was food, family, all kinds of card-playing, and a bit of shopping, too.  John's mom taught us all how to make perogies (although we call them something different, but I can't figure out how to spell it!).  Little known fact:  John is the world's BEST dough roller.  The man can definitely work some magic with a rolling pin!  : )
 There was lots of laughter and fun during the lesson.

Ta-Daa!!  Aren't they lovely?
On Friday, Emily, Maddie, Raffi, and I headed down to Gurnee Mills to do some Black Friday shopping.  We found some awesome deals.  Hooray!  On Saturday, John's sister, Suzanne, and her kiddos came over and we celebrated Christmas.  It was a completely gorgeous day!

We also celebrated John's grandma's 98th (!!!!!) birthday!  GG is one amazing woman.  She can still beat us all at cards!

We did a real "white elephant" gift exchange.  Everyone brought something from their home to give away.  Some of my best Christmas memories come from these gift exchanges.  I love how people bargain and plead and trade for other people's gifts.   I may have done some wheeling-and-dealing myself;  I really wanted that salad spinner!  : )

 Jack played Santa and passed out gifts.  He made a pretty darn cute Santa:

I loved every single moment of our weekend! 


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