Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

 Hi Friends!

So Friday night was the big decorate-the-house night at the Terlap's.  I told the kids to clear their calendars and plan on doing a family night.  We did our appetizers-only dinner (one of the kids' favorite Christmas traditions), and set to decking the halls.  I'm pretty sure we overwhelmed Raffi a bit--she couldn't believe how many ornaments we put on our tree.  Our tree is completely full of handmade ornaments--my favorite kind! I love that John and I both came from families that made ornaments each year.  My absolute favorites are the felt ornaments with the sewn-on sequins.
 I tried to get all artsy with some lights shots.  Clearly I need to take a photography class.*  : )
Poor Emily!  I made her pose for 852 shots with the string of lights.  "No, bring the lights closer to your face.  Now put them under your chin.  Wait!  Move them over here."  Good thing she's patient.
 Jack just wrapped some around his neck like a scarf.
 This is probably my favorite shot from the night.  I'm not sure how much longer John is going to be able to boost Jack up to put the angel on the top of the tree:
 One of my favorite little corners:
 I just love these angels that used to be my grandma's:

More pictures coming soon.

Do you have your decorating done? 



*John is giving me a photography class for Christmas!!!!  I can't wait to learn how to use my camera in manual mode!!!!

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  1. Such heartwarming photos Vicki!
    I'm not big on Christmas decorations but am looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree soon!
    Ronnie xo