Monday, January 21, 2013


 Hi Friends!

Guess what!  I started my photography class last week, and I'm not going to lie:  it intimidated the heck out of me!  : )  The first thing my instructor said was, "I am going to teach you the physics of photography."  Um...what?!?  I about fell out of my chair.  Thank God he didn't say the "chemistry of photography," or I would have probably had to drop the class.  : )

So.  It started with physics.  Then there were a whole lot of numbers:   numbers, fractions, and charts.
 The first thing he did was take away my "automatic" option.  We are to shoot in manual, and only manual for the rest of our lives.  Amen.
 I have owned my camera for a year and have never moved it off of the "automatic" setting, not even once.
 I swear I spent the entire 3 hours in a brittle, tense state.  The only plus side was that everyone around me seemed as panicked as I was.  My table partner and I whispered back and forth throughout the class.  "Do you understand what he just said?" "Nope.  Not a clue."  "Me either."
And then at the end of the 3 hours, he sent us out into the world with our vague understandings and told us to take 15 pictures--three pictures of 5 different subjects.  All photos were to be taken at 400 ISO.  The first photo was to be at 5.6, the second at 11, and the third at 22.  We were to figure out the correct shutter speed.

Each of the pictures above were taken at 5.6.  I would have posted all 15 photos, but to me, they all look exactly the same, which I am hoping is what was supposed to happen (fingers crossed).

Here's to life on "manual".



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  1. haha love it. i took 3 years of photography in college the second i graduate i turn my camera back to but i never ever use a flash :)

    have fun!!!!!