Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I Made Wednesday//Less Wall Art

Hi Friends!

Check out my new artwork!  I wanted to make something with my One Little Word on it for this week's "What I Made Wednesday", and I just happened to have an empty cubbie in my new wall now that the Christmas decorations are put away.  Since my word is "less," I wanted to keep it simple.  I checked my supplies and discovered I didn't have any blank canvases.  Bummer.  I knew I would be totally busted if I went out and bought craft supplies, since my whole goal with this weekly challenge is to use my stash, so I scavenged in the garage.  Guess what I found?  A perfect, already-cut piece of plywood leftover from the wall project.  I checked with John, and he said I could have it.  Then I raided his spray paint supply.
After a couple coats of matte white spray paint, I had a clean canvas to work with.  Next, I went through my stash and found some large stickers. I didn't want to actually use the stickers, I just wanted to use their outlines as stencils. I gently pulled the outlines from the stickers, lined them up, and stuck them to my board.  After many attempts at getting them straight, I pushed them down to seal them.
 Then it was time to paint.  I used some red craft paint I had on hand and filled in the stencils.
 After the paint dried, I gently removed the stencils.  For the most part, the stencils worked great, but you need to be careful not to get too much paint on them, because they stuck where they were wet.  Then it was time to call in John to have him drill a hole so I could hang it (I am not allowed to play with his power tools.).  : )
 Then, all that was left was to hang it up and enjoy its awesomeness.

I love how it turned out.  I love its sparse look--it's so perfectly "less".  : )

Have you made anything crafty lately?  Leave me a link in the comments!



PS See that fabulous photo of the vintage camera in the middle section?  It was a free download from Catherine over at Design Editor.  I absolutely love it.

PPS  John asked me if I was going to take a picture every time I changed something in one of the cubbies.  This is the second time this week I've asked him to help me move the dining room table and chairs out of the room so I could get a clean shot.  As I type, my dining room table is smack dab in the middle of  the main hallway, and all the chairs are in scattered in my family room.  It's basically the biggest fire trip, ever, and kind of a pain to get around, but totally worth it so I could get a good picture.  : )


  1. Where did you get the Do Your Best pennant? My sister has four boys, and this is their family motto, so obviously I need to surprise her. :)

    1. Hi Celeste! Isn't it fabulous? It pretty much sums it up, right? I got it for my birthday from Three Potato Four. Here is the link. XO

  2. Hi Vicki, I came by from Design Editor to see more of your wall display ideas as I'm planning an entire wall of bookcase in my dining area and like how you decorated yours. But I'm so stoked to find u have the same word as me for 2013! I hv not done any writing or art with the word yet, and I think I should really do up something that will visually remind me like yours! Thanks for sharing!
    PS. I laughed at how your dh has to move the table for you to take pictures. Mine has to do a lot of similar things too. Thank God for theim!

  3. Your cubbies are beautiful! I love that they are not empty, but have...less! :)