Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Made Wednesday #1//Friendship Coupon Book

 Hi Friends!

Welcome to the kickoff of my new weekly series, "What I Made Wednesday." Each week throughout 2013, I'm going to share some kind of homemade project I've worked on during the previous week.  My goal for this project is two-fold;  I want to be more deliberate about using my creative side this year, and I want to use the stash of paper, etc. that I've accumulated over the years.  The only rule I have for this project is that each must be made (mostly) of things I have on hand.  By the end of this year, I hope to have completed 52 fabulous projects, and have less of a stockpile in my craft room.  Win and win.  Project #1 is a little coupon book I made for my friend, Amy, for Christmas.  I want to focus on experiences (not things) in 2013, so I came up with twelve different activities we can do together this year.  I hope to document each of these activities as we do them and share them on the blog.  This little book was made entirely of things I had on hand.
 Some of the activities are simple and cost little or nothing, like January's snowshoeing and hot chocolate.
 Some of the activities, like February's Valentine's Day dinner (an invitation is in the little envelope), include our husbands.
 Some things, like March's lunch at our favorite salad place, Zuppa's, we've done together before.
 And some things, like April's photo walk, we have not done together.
 Some things, like going to the farmer's market in Madison, we always say we should do.
 And some things, like going out on the boat together, we always find time to do.
 In July, I've got a secret adventure planned.  Because secret adventures are the best.
 And in August, we'll just hang out in my craft room.
 Some things we've done once and said, "We should do that again!" like thrifting in Oshkosh.
 And some things, like October's pumpkin latte, are just fun and seasonal.
 Some things we've never managed to find the time to do, like going to a craft workshop at one of our favorite little stores.
 And some things, like baking Christmas cookies, are just more fun to do with a friend.
 I'm hoping the joy of this gift is a year of time well spent together.  One thing I've discovered with Amy is that it doesn't seem to matter what we do together, it's always fun.
Here's to a year full of fun memories in 2013.  I can't wait for our adventures to begin!

Have you made anything fun lately? 



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