Friday, April 19, 2013

Five for Friday

Hi Friends!

Isn't that photo lovely?  I am so longing for spring to arrive here in Wisconsin.  I am ready for flowers and sunshine and green grass and sandals and linen.  Soon, I hope.  In the meantime, here are five fabulous links for you to enjoy. 

1.  I absolutely want to make a set of these scripted pillowcases for our bed.  I think the girls would get into it, too (and maybe Jack!).  I need to look to see who is having a white sale.  

2.  Strawberry Milkshake cupcakes?!?  That has John's name written all over it.   (And I loooove those simple flags they made to decorate them!)

3. This is an interesting article on the pressures that social media puts on people to create a life that seems more glamorous/exciting than it might be "in real life."  Please let me know if I'm ever throwing of the vibe that my life is perfect and filled with evening gowns, dinners at 5 star restaurants and absolutely no clutter.  Ha!

4.  Am I too old to rock these sneakers?  Because I'm in love with the blue pair. 

5.  I liked this article on slowing down.  I need to stop saying "I'm too busy," and instead say, "That's just not a high priority for me right now."  All part of my quest for less.



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  1. i need that cupcake and yes to slowing down.!