Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Choose {April 2013}

Oh my goodness!  You kind of snuck up on me, April.  I'm pretty sure I would have known you were coming if my entire yard wasn't still buried under a foot of snow.  : (   March was quite the month!  Any time I get to spend almost 2 weeks in Chicago, it's a good month!  : )  

In March I chose to:

Cut down the grocery store trips by planning out (and sticking to) my weekly menu.  I did okay with this.  My grocery store trips seemed to come in spurts in March.  I was either going all the time, or not at all.  There is definitely room for improvement here.

Plan 5 $10 outings.  One-on-one time is so important.  I managed to get 3/5 of these in.  Maddie and I went to Chicago together, Jack & I went to a movie and out for yogurt, and I'm going to count prom dress shopping as time focused on Emily.  I didn't do any specific one-on-one time with Raffi--unless you count our time at the nutritionist together (ha!), but we did get to spend lots of time together over spring break. Clearly, I need to focus on John this month (although we did have a date night with Amy and Bob, and we watched one of his favorite movies--does that count?).

Plan one meal out of the freezer each week.  It's time to use all those leftovers!  This actually happened!   I used up plenty of stuff from the downstairs freezer during March.

Stay on budget during my two Chicago trips this month.  (This will be hard, but I know I can do it!!)  Hmm...I think I did a pretty good job during my first trip, but the spring break trip was definitely not on budget.  I will need to make up some ground on this during April.

In April, I choose to:

Plan 3 date nights with John.  I will make this happen!

Implement my own version "Operation Slash the Food Budget".  I am determined to conquer the grocery store trips and spend less at the grocery store this month.

Inventory all of my family's spring & summer clothes and make a list of needs.

Not buy any new spring or summer clothes in April.  

Okay, April!  Let's do this!!



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