Monday, April 22, 2013

What's On My...

Here's what's on my...

Vanity:   Um...Vanity?  Oh!  You mean my bathroom counter?  My favorite perfumes:  Becker Eshaya's "Be", Clinque's "Happy Heart", Fresh's "Hesperides", Philosophy's "Grace".  All the jewelry I've worn since the last time I put it away, hair clips and ponytail holders, and my big old cup so that I start each day with water.
Perennial To Do List: Laundry
Refrigerator Shelves:  leftovers from last night's pesto pork roast, a round steak for beef stroganoff, cottage cheese, pickles, milk, juice, 852 condiments, eggs, yogurt
Itinerary:  Bible study at 11.  Dinner with Carrie at 6 (HuHot!).
Fantasy Itinerary:  Trip to Aruba with Christy 
Playlist:  Dave Matthews Band on Pandora
Nightstand:  Burt's Bees foot cream, a big stack of "to read" books, alarm clock, an old picture of Maddie in a frame I got at her baby shower.
Workout Plan:  MWF--spin at 6 am, TuTh--swim at 6am.  MTThF--lift
iPhone: Instagram, Starbucks, Shopping IQ, Twitter, Facebook...
Bucket List:  Aruba with Christy, learn to golf, take a pottery class, swim with dolphins, earn a PhD
Mind:  a situation with one of my swimmers, how much I want spring to arrive, the fact that I haven't heard back from the city about the pool I use during the summer.
Blogroll: enJoy it, Design Editor, Stephanie Makes, Under the Sycamore, Hither and Thither, (plus a gazillion more that I'm too lazy to link).
Walls of the Favorite Room in Your House:  My favorite wall in my house is this one.  For sure. 
Liquor Shelf:  Bombay Sapphire (for gin and tonics with Christy), Pama (for these pomegranate martinis), Tanqueray Gin (for when Tom visits), Absolut, Johnnie Walker Red, vermouth, rum.
Screensaver:  This print, which is my all-time favorite Curly Girl design.
TV every night:  I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but when it's on, it's usually a cooking show:  Top Chef, Dinners and Drive-Ins, Chopped.



PS This post was completely inspired by this one over on Ali Edward's site.

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  1. what a cute post idea! i light have to barrow it :) to do list: laundry is always on the to do list.