Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Made Wednesday {Joy Journal}

Hi Friends!
Some of my original readers might remember this little joy journal I made a few years ago.  Isn't it happy? I just fell in love with that piece of vintage material on the cover, so I decided to plan a whole book around it.  And how about that vintage green trim?  Love it!! 
I decided this book was the perfect base for the "This is Me" class I am taking.  I love that it will have the new stuff from the class and all the stuff I wrote a few years ago.  
I will go back and update some of the pages, like the "Three Words" page.
I will also add some updated pictures.
I used a lot of vintage and found papers in this book. The words on the left page are from an old children’s book. I will write all my secret wishes about John and I and our kids on those two pages.
A few years ago, Christy and I spent a whole morning sipping lattes and making lists (I love lists!).  This list is of our Top 10 memories.  We’ve  had a whole lot of fun together over the years.  I think it's time to update that list!  (Isn’t her handwriting fun?)
Do you have a happy place?

Another list. This one of 99 Happy Things.  I think we need to do this again!!
A favorite picture from Paris.
My own list of happy, which will definitely be updated during the class.  You can tell it's an old list--I haven't had a Diet Coke in 3 years!!  
A Vicki/Christy Bucket List.  Looks like Christy and I still have a lot to accomplish on this bucket list.  We did go to New York in the Spring of 2011, though!
And now, I'm off to complete  some of the assignments from the class!  Some day my kids will look through this and see “mom.”
Have you made anything fun lately?

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