Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Read {March 2013}

Hi Friends!

I hope you're looking for some good book recommendations, because I've got some!  March was a good month for reading, for sure!
The Round House, Louise Erdrich (4 stars).  A 13-year-old boy tries to solve the mystery of who raped his mother, so he can put his family back together.  I know that sentence sounds completely awful, but trust me, this is a beautifully written book.  It's rich with memorable characters, and it gives the reader lots of insight into life on an Indian reservation.  Every single sentence of this novel rings true.
Left Neglected, Lisa Genova (3 1/2 stars).  This book was written by the author of Still Alice, which I completely loved.  Both books deal with a brain problem--Still Alice is about Alzheimer's  and this one is about a woman recovering from a traumatic brain injury.  As a result of her injury, the main character can't see anything on her left side.  It is like everything on her left side does not exist.  Like with Still Alice, Genova does a great job of helping the reader "see" and "feel" what Left Neglect is like.  Unlike with Still Alice, I didn't end up loving the main character as much as I loved Alice.  Still, this is a good read.
The Lake of Dreams, Kim Edwards (4 stars). I loved this book.  It's the story of Lucy, who uses clues she finds in her parents' old lake house to discover the identity of an amazing, long-lost relative.  I loved the old letters Lucy discovers--Annabeth's voice is pitch-perfect.  Lucy's search into the past helps her come to terms with her dad's death and her current relationship.
Wild, Cheryl Strayed (4 stars). I didn't particularly want to read this book, but it came highly recommended, so I gave it a whirl.  Oh, boy!  I loved Cheryl's story and her writing style.  I just couldn't put this book down.  Cheryl's honesty and frankness made me cheer her on throughout the book.
An Abundance of Katherines, John Green (3 stars).  This is a completely cute "Teen Fiction" book.  The main character, Colin, is quirky, and his best friend, Hassen, is just the right kind of funny.  Colin and Hassen embark on a road trip after Colin's 19th girlfriend named Katherine dumps him.  Their fun road trip adventures combined with a feel-good ending make this a good read.

Have you read anything good lately?  I'd love to see your recommendations!



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