Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Day Project, Days 1 & 2

Hi Friends!

I am *officially* all caught up with day 1 & 2 of the Happy Day project!  Day 1 asked us to bake something special for a neighbor.  I whipped up a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies, put them in a Mason jar, added the little free printable card and tied it all up in a ribbon.  I decided to bring the jar over to my neighbor, Christine (the triathlete!!), because she has three adorable little guys who I thought might appreciate some cookies.  And you know what?  I was right!  Too bad I brought the jar over right before dinner time...next time I'm going to wait until after dinner so they can dig right in!  (Waiting until after dinner is sooo hard when you're 3!)   : )

I decided as long as I was baking, I might as well make up a few extra jars to give away.  I made this one up and took it as a "door prize" for my class.

I drew a name for the winner (boy was she happy!).  (And yes, this kind of made me feel like Santa, too!).

I also got two handwritten letters done, which was Day 2's task.  This one is going to my old friend, Kathy.

And this one is on its way to my sister.  Don't you just love Curly Girl?

It felt GREAT to do these simple tasks today!  Can't wait until tomorrow!



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  1. vicki, i just love you. cheers to your week of doing the things i always think of doing but rarely follow through on.