Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shiny, Happy Wreath

Hi Friends!

Ta-Da!  Here is my first completed wreath!  I absolutely love it.  I love it so much I may not be able to sell it at the craft fair.  : )  I'm thinking of pricing it really high so it won't sell.  Then I'll be forced to bring it home and hang it in my house.  (YAY!)

Want to make one yourself?  Here's a few tips I learned along the way:

*It's worth it to scout around for the best ornament prices.  There are literally hundreds of ornaments of various sizes on this wreath.  For tubes of the little ornaments, check out The Dollar Spot at Target and The Dollar Store.  I found the best deal on the large ornaments at WalMart--a bucket for $5. The bigger the wreath, the more large ornaments you're going to need to fill it up. The fancy balls I found 40% off at Michael's.  I used them sparingly to just add pops of texture.

*For this wreath, I bought a Styrofoam form at Michael's.  It was pretty expensive ($7.99), and I'm not sure I'd go Styrofoam again.  I picked up a few smaller wreath forms at The Dollar Store, and I'm going to try them out next. 

*Stock up on the glue sticks for your glue gun.  I think I used around 20-25 sticks on this wreath alone.  On the plus side, this thing is solid--with all those balls glued to each other and the form, they're not going anywhere. 

*I originally spent way-too-much time snipping off the little hanger part of each ornaments so they wouldn't show.  I discovered that they aren't going to show, anyway, so I stopped doing it halfway through.

*I went ahead and filled in the inside ring; I didn't want any Styrofoam to show.  I used a bunch of small ornaments to do this.

Have fun and let me know if you end up making one.  I'd love to see a picture!



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  1. This looks AMAZING!!! Way to go! Had you ever made one before?? WOW! :-)
    P.S. I love the dollar aisle at Target! And so does my daughter :-) we are wheelers and dealers!
    Happy Thursday to YOU... and again, your wreath looks AWESOME!

  2. wow thats gorgeous - ok i may need to try this now. :)