Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Triple-Heart Buddy


Hi Friends!
You know what tomorrow is?!? 

That's right;  December 1st!! 
You know what that means, don't you?  Yup!  It's officially the start of "I Can't Get Enough of Watching Elf" month!  Yahoo! 

The entire Terlap family simply *adores* Buddy and all his crazy-fun-silly-gross antics.  Only Buddy can get away with eating gum off a railing and pouring syrup on his spaghetti and still be irresistible.  The scene with "The World's Best Coffee?"  Hysterical!  Buying his dad the red lingerie?  Super funny!  The manager at Gimbals?  Love him!  In fact, I pretty much love it all!  The kids and I quote Elf way too much, and it never gets old!  You wouldn't believe how many times we break into, "I'm singing.  I'm in a store and I'm singing" while we're out shopping together.  It's the best! : ) 
Oh, Buddy, you're one of my *very favorite* parts of Christmas!

Do you have a favorite Buddy quote?  Leave me a comment and tell me which one it is!




  1. ok... so first of all - thanks for the fabulous idea of printing out the 30 days of thankfulness I did and keeping them :-) genius idea my dear!
    second of all - elf is one of my absolute ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES!!! i love when he goes crazy yelling "SAAAANNNTTTTAAAAA... I know him! I know him!!!!" and when he does the duet with jovie (without her knowing in the shower!) and then he runs into the wall :-) gets me everytime!
    Happy Thursday Friend,