Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Place Inbetween

Hi Friends!

See that lovely entryway that looks all decked out and perfectly styled?  Unfortunately, that is not what my house looks like at the moment.  : )  The kids begged me to put up the Christmas decorations on Sunday.  But with crafting and entertaining and phonecalls, we only managed to get the tree up.  The rest of everything is sitting on my dining room table where it's been since Sunday.  We're in that awful "inbetween place" where it looks like the house has exploded and it's about to drive me crazy!  I just need to get through today's class and then I will have all day tomorrow to play with Christmas decorations.   In the meantime, it looks like dinner will take place at the kitchen counter.  : )

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PS  Picture found (here)

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