Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Happy Surprise!

Hi Friends~
Remember the Happy Day Project I completed? Well, I returned home from my wonderful Thanksgiving trip to find out that I won a big 'ole prize pack arranged by the Jeannett and Julie, the creators of the Happy Day week! I am beyond thrilled! As I said in Jeannett's comments section, I think I can speak for everyone who participated in the Happy Day Project when I say that completing the daily prompts and seeing the joy on the faces of the recipients felt like winning the biggest prize, ever.  Isn't that usually the way when one spreads goodness?

In the spirit of spreading a little more goodness, I've decided to do my own little giveaway.  Stop on by later today for details.  Can't wait!

Have a wonderful day!



PS  The picture collage above was taken from Jeannett's blog.

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