Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Wednesday

1.  I never carry Kleenex, but I'm always thankful when the person I'm with has one.
2.  I do not like the way lipstick feels on my lips.
3.  I never paint my fingernails, but my toes are always painted.
4.  I have been wearing the same type of underwear for my entire married life.
5.  I can't squat down and sit on my heels anymore.  Not sure when that started.
6.  I love black jellybeans.
7.  I hardly ever eat hot dogs, but when I do, I eat them the way my dad does:  mustard, onions, salt & pepper.
8.  Sometimes I forget I am over 40.
9.  I am funnier when I am around Christy.
10.  I admire people who are good at letting things roll off their backs.
11.  I hate emptying the dishwasher.
12.  I love loading the dishwasher.
13.  I could have sworn "hot dog" was one word.
14.  I never realized how many weird grammar rules there are until I started teaching grammar.
15.  There is a portion of 294 on the way to my parent's house that smells like new book smell.
16.  One time I had a dream that my grandma and I were at Orange Julius together.
17.  I think my grandparents would have gotten a kick out of my kids.
18.  I am afraid of squirrels.
19.  My new glasses feel heavy on my face.
20.  The kids have a half day today.  We are going to make a batch of monster cinnamon rolls.

What's up with you today?



1 comment:

  1. 1-5 11,12 and 19 are exactly me! your randomness is too cute.