Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Wednesday

1.  Jack has been a maniac on the trampoline.  He and his gang of buddies spend hours on it every day after school.  This makes me irrationally happy.
2.  Maddie wore a new skirt to school today.  She wants me to get her "Spanks" to wear under it.  Not to hold in the jiggles (she has none), just because that's what everyone is doing.  I wonder who started that.
3.  I am going to make a big batch of homemade granola today.
4.  I have not touched one single item in the basement since I posted that Hoarders picture.
5.  I am in full-on shower planning mode.  We stopped at Ikea on the way home from Chicago this weekend and I found THE PERFECT thing to decorate the walkway.
6.  Yes.  I am going to decorate the walkway for Christy's shower.
7.  I have not been to the gym since last Wednesday.  I am in a slump. 
8.  I wish John was home.  Life seems tilted without him.
9.  I am out of concentrated cherry juice.  I can definitely tell.  I need to go to GNC today.
10. One of my students wrote a process paragraph on how to take a temperature rectally.  That's a first.
11.  I am weirdly disappointed that they left out the part where District 11 sent Katniss the bread in the Hunger Games movie.
12.  The other day Maddie and I went to the grocery store.  While we were checking out, she thanked me for all the fabulous food that was in the cart.  The cashier said she doesn't think she ever thanked her parents for food when she was growing up.
13.  Buster has been sleeping on Jack's bed.  This makes both of them very happy.
14.  I have no teams left in my NCAA bracket.  None.  It was not my year.
15.  I can't wait to get out in the boat.
16.  I just sent out letters to my summer swimmers.  I can't believe it's already time to be thinking about summer swim season.
17.  There are 852 pictures of Emily posted on Facebook from her trip to Chicago this past weekend with Drama Club. 
18.  Maddie had solo and ensemble contest yesterday.  Her solo was rather melancholy.  It was lovely.
19.  Jack finished his Magnet testing yesterday.  He loved solving the puzzles.  He must get that from John.
20.  We have not watched the Golf Channel once since John left. 




  1. i love all 20 of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    number 10 made my nose crinkle a little :) and i adore number 12!!!
    Lots of love to YOU,

    1. Yup. #10 makes my nose crinkle, too! I have yet to read it. Hope you're having a fantastic day, my dear! XO

  2. 1. Mason and I enjoyed looking at pictures of him and The Toy Story charcters at Disney World from when he was 4 last night- all his heros!
    2. Morgan did a dressing change to her leg this morning without pain meds
    3. My daughter continues to amaze me at how strong she truly is
    4. I need to clean the basement before summer break
    5. I am looking forward to the hockey mom weekend in Chicago for the Chi
    Town Shuffle Tournament in April-can't come soon enough!
    6. I have not gone for a run since my running buddy had surgery last week- need to get a new buddy.
    7. Went shopping for new work clothes over the weekend and Morgan helped me even though she was stuck on the couch- cell phone pictures!
    8. Hockey starts back up in 1 week- cant wait!
    9. still hoping to get Mason on a swim team for summer- hes still agreeable :)
    10. Liked the Hunger Games book much better than the movie- felt too many details were left out.
    11. My NCAA bracket is still going strong- should have taken Vicki up on her offer to wager on it.
    12. Wondering where to put the cats food since he is getting old and having issues jumping lately- if on the floor the dog inhales it.
    13. Going to attempt painting a room or two over spring break for the first time-without my husband knowing - as he likes things plain- wish me luck.

    1. yay! I totally love your random list, Karen!! Hooray to #1, #2, #3, #9, #13. Sooo glad we didn't bet #11. I thought about #13 while John is in Peru, but I chickened out. Which rooms? XO

    2. I would totally take some help on #13- thinking the mud room, the kids bathroom and Morgans room- in that order :)

    3. Didn't we pick out colors for the kids' bathroom last year?!?