Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Hi Friends!

We are four weeks into pre-season high school swimming, and we've already had 3 meets.  Last night was our first dual conference meet against Appleton East, and we won (yahoo!).  Three meets in four weeks, and school doesn't even start until next Tuesday!  : )  While the girls swim, and I coach, John's job is to take pictures and capture all the fun.
Last night, Jack stayed home, so John came by himself to cheer and take pictures.
 I told him to take lots of pictures of the girls in the water, but I also wanted him to capture some of the action on deck.
 As I was coaching, and the girls were swimming, John clicked away.
 And clicked and clicked and clicked.
 He captured so many awesome moments.
 And just to be sure I would be happy, he kept clicking.

All told, he took four hundred and forty six pictures (446!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) from last night's dual meet.  Now, you know I love, love, love all things swimming, but even I was overwhelmed with 446 pictures.  : )  It was kind of like watching a video of the meet, but in individual frames.

I completely love my overachieving husband.  Thanks for capturing every single moment! 

You rock, John!




  1. wowsa!!! Go hubby go! :)
    AWESOME pics!

  2. haha love it ...446 sounds like me ... sometimes I just hold down the button... dont even look lol