Monday, August 13, 2012

He Loves Me

Yet Another Reason I Love John:

He is willing to do whatever he can to make my life easier.

In the past week alone,
1.  He got up at the crack of dawn so he could drive me to a triathlon
to cheer on two of my swimmers. 
Neither one of those swimmers were related to him.

2.  He helped me clean the house for a party he was not invited to.

3.  He took a day off from work so he could help me with the team brat fry. 
He set everything up all by himself while I was at practice and then manned the grill all day. 
He stayed to work the afternoon shift even after I left. 
And then he helped clean up.

4.  He cooked breakfast for my brothers and Christy while I was at a swim team breakfast. 
Also?  I had the electric skillet and all the good utensils with me at the team breakfast,
 which left him with the wonky pan and a batter scrapper to make a feast with.

My husband ROCKS!

I love you, John.



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