Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Project Life Update//July 23-August 5

 Hi Friends!

Oh boy!  I got totally behind on Project Life again.  Darn that real life getting in the way of recording life!  : )  The past two weeks have been filled with goodness.  Summer swim came to an end, and my parents were here all last week visiting.  There's a whole lot of pictures of both of those things in my layouts.
I also added a picture from my Sonic run (cherry limeades are the best!), and one of Jack in his UT shirt.  For the pictures of the team's Ultimate match, I used one of my fancy new inserts (Design J).  I love the new sizes of the plastics! 
 Last week centered on my parent's visit, and the last day of summer team.
 I love the picture of the kids with my parents--it's definitely a keeper! I also love the shot of the (small) sampling of my mom's old photo albums.  
And of course, I love all the water pictures.  Underwater cameras are fun, aren't they?

And now, for the next 4 days or so, anyway, I am all caught up. : )  Thanks for taking a peek at my pages!



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  1. you are so good at scrap-booking!!!love the look.

    p.s. love sonics strawberry limeades ... yum!