Monday, August 6, 2012

Road Trip//Back to School Shopping

Hey Friends--

I had a super-duper day today.  Did you?  The girls and I headed down to Milwaukee for some back-to-school shopping. The girls needed a few things for swim team (the high school season starts tomorrow!!!!), and Maddie wanted to do a bit of shopping at Urban Outfitters.  Since we don't have a swim store, or an Urban Outfitters in town, we decided a road trip was in order.   I love shopping expeditions, don't you?  I love to drive, too, so the hour and 45 minute trip was no problem.  The girls loaded up on goggles, practice suits, caps and kick boards, and then we headed over to Urban Outfitters.  Have you been in an Urban Outfitters?  It's definitely one of those stores that makes me feel old.  The music they play--oy!  : )  Maddie got a few cute things and her first pair of Toms.  She was beyond thrilled.  Emily was excited because she found a sweatshirt at American Apparel that had long enough sleeves (it's hard to fit sleeves when you're 6-feet tall and have the arm span to match!).  

Hooray for a fabulous girl's day in Milwaukee!


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