Saturday, August 25, 2012

Right Now

Watching: The Golf Channel.  But I'm not really watching it, John is.  The man loves watching people play golf.  Sigh.
Listening To:  John chopping up a green pepper for lunch.
Smelling:  The crock pot fajitas simmering on the counter for dinner.
Feeling:  Happy that I'm done with my shift at the swim team car wash.  : )
Hoping:  To get out on the boat later today.  It's a scorcher outside--a perfect day to be out on the lake.
Loving:  Maxi dresses.  Best invention ever.  I live in them when I'm not in my coaching clothes.
Looking Forward To: Getting together with my Bible Study ladies on Monday night. 
Excited About:  Spending the weekend with Christy next weekend.  We're doing a spa getaway--I absolutely can't wait!
Not Excited About:  The pile of towels that need to be washed every day.  Two girls on the same swim team = mounds of towels.  Every day. 
Reading:  Shadow of Night--the sequel to A Discovery of Witches.
Craving:  Smoked string cheese.  Love it.
Grateful For:  A patient husband and son.   Swim season is crazy.
What's up with you right now?




  1. Watching The Brewers win
    Listening to Morgan giggle on Factime
    Smelling my lasagna bake
    Feeling Excited that my mom will br moving beck to Wisconsin!
    Hoping I can find rides for morgan to make cross country practice this week
    Loving this mellow nothing to do but cook and bake rainy day
    Excited about Masons hockey season starting
    Not excited about his equipment overtaking the dining room for the next 9 months
    Looking forward to our annual trip to the Shawano County Fair next weekend. Nothing like food on a stick!
    Craving bleu cheese pizza
    Grateful for lots of family time this weekend -schedules are about to get crazy!

    1. Bleu Cheese pizza! I think we need to set a lunch date!! XO