Friday, May 10, 2013

Five For Friday

1.  Emily started her AP (Advanced Placement) tests this week.  First up:  Calculus.  I marvel at the fact that someone who is part me loves math.  It just doesn't make sense.  I tucked a set of these into her good luck package this week.  They said it was the first set they've sold, which did not surprise me at all*.

2.  I liked this article about Grandmothers and their best meal.  If my grandma was alive, I'd take her picture with her spinach ravioli.  It was magical.

3.  Even though I know I'm not supposed to, I often judge a book by its cover.  I never buy a book that has the movie tie-in cover with the actors and actresses on it.  Yuck.  This article about gender-specific covers was interesting.  In every case, I preferred the "male" cover.  I wonder what that says about me?

4.  Do you like Arnold Palmers (the drink, not the golfer)?  Jack is obsessed with Peace Tea's Caddy Shack, which is basically an Arnold Palmer without his name.  It comes in humongous cans, and he can down one in a jiffy.

5.  Maddie is counting the days down until Lollapoolza.  She loves music.  Loves it.  She wants to start collecting vinyl records.  I think she needs this gem to play them on.  Isn't it cute?!?

Have a wonderful Friday, friends!  I'm off to celebrate Amy's fabulousness--it's her birthday!



*They didn't really says this.  But really, how many sets of "I heart math" could they have possibly sold?  : )

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