Monday, May 13, 2013


 Hi Friends!

Prom was every bit as magical for Emily and Raffi as I had hoped it would be.  Both girls looked completely lovely.
 I had so much fun taking their pictures.

 Raffi got ready over at her friend, Klara's house.  Klara is an exchange student, too.  We zipped over to Klara's house to get some pictures of Emily and Raffi together.  Raffi went to prom with a huge group of girlfriends.
After a few pictures of just the girls, it was time to head over and let Emily begin her Prom night with Greg.
 Greg and Emily have been dating for 7 months.  They looked completely wonderful together Saturday night.
 Emily & Greg went to dinner at The Melting Pot with their friends, Luke & Kirsten and Ben & Charlotte.
 Don't the ladies look lovely?
 It rained and hailed pretty much all day on Saturday, and then about a half hour before we were supposed to meet to take pictures, the sun came out.  Magical.
 Greg and Emily were very patient as I repeatedly asked for "just one more picture, I promise!"

 I love this picture of Emily laughing:

Hooray for magical Prom nights!



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  1. Emily looks so Elegant. Just beautiful. They are just a perfect looking couple. tooo cute!!!