Monday, May 6, 2013


Harvard would like Emily to consider applying.
Emily no longer wishes to go to Harvard.
One time I picked Emily up from school and she informed me that Harvard was a school she should seriously be considering.
She was in 7th grade at the time.
When you are smart like Emily, you start thinking about Harvard in 7th grade.
I never considered Harvard.
But I did consider Princeton.
I never applied to Princeton.
But I considered it.
Now that Emily is a junior, she is no longer considering Harvard.
It's too far away.
Emily would like to stay in the Midwest.
She doesn't want to be that far away from us.
I feel like that is a huge parenting win.
Because the truth is, I really like Emily.
I don't want her to go far away, either.
But I do want her to pick the best school for her.
I'm not going to lie; when the letter came from Harvard, I got a little excited.
I mean it's Harvard.
And they asked so nicely.
I really don't think Harvard is the right choice for Emily.
But it's always nice to be asked, right?



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