Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Life {April 29-May 5}

Hey Friends!

I did it!  I am all caught up!  Yahoo! I am totally doing a happy dance this afternoon!

 Emily and Maddie were back working in Pickard Auditorium getting ready for the big Vintage (swing choir) finale on Saturday night.  When Emily is not involved in a show, she gets paid to work in Pickard, Maddie just volunteers (she's hoping it will turn into a job for her, too).   I did manage to snag some time with Maddie on Tuesday night.  We had so much fun shopping and laughing together.  After shopping, we went to Olive Garden.  Maddie loves their bread sticks.  We had some gorgeous weather last week (and some rain), and Amy and I got out to swing buckets of golf balls at the range.  Very fun.
 Raffi had a tournament in Sun Prairie on Saturday.  John, Jack, and I went and cheered her on.  The teams were much tougher this week, but the NHS girls did well.  That night, we went out with Bob and Amy.  Super fun.  I will leave you with a little close up of my soup chowder from Tuesday night--it was completely delicious:
Hope you have a fantastic day!



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  1. These are really great pages! And awesome letter from Harvard!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! I think I was way more excited about the letter from Harvard than Emily was. She really wants to go to Northwestern.

  3. Your food pictures are so beautiful they make me hungry!

    1. Thanks, Katie! Your comment made me grin! : )

  4. lovely pges and congrats to your Daughter!

  5. I just had to comment on your blog when I saw that you live in Neenah. My mom was born and raised there and my Aunt and 2 cousins still live in Neenah as well.....what a small little world this is