Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Made Wednesday {Book Journal}

 Hi Friends!

Check out my new book journal!  As someone who has had a life-long love affair with all things paper, I have had more-than-my-share of journals over the years.  I don't think I have ever completely filled one before this one:
One of my Fab Four down in Paris, Elle, gave me this journal after she took my writing class.  I decided to use it to write book reviews in.  The idea was that I would have a permanent record of each and every book I read.  Unlike most of my big ideas, I have actually religiously stuck to this idea over the years.  I started filling in this journal in January of 2005.  I love looking back through this journal and seeing what I wrote about various books over the years.  I especially like it when I find a little note written in the margin, like the one below.
Well, 8 1/2 years later, the journal is filled, and I needed a plan.  When I spied this journal on the Saturday Morning Vintage blog, I knew I had found my new book journal.  I dug through my stash of vintage papers and odds and ends and decorated the cover.  I also added a few simple embellishments to the inside pages.
 How awesome are these S&H stamps?!?  I remember them from my youth (that totally makes me sound like I'm 100!).

 All of the embellishments are vintage, including this cigar label:

I am so glad this journal is done, because I have a backlog of books to record.

Hooray for new fun journals filled with blank pages just waiting to be written on!



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