Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hi Friends!

Two truths:

1.  I love taking pictures.
2.  I love color--the more, the better.

Andrea over at Hula Seventy , and her friend, Xanthe are doing a Color/Colour challenge for the next seven weeks--seven weeks of seeking and capturing color in photographs and films. I have long been a fan of Andrea's photography, so it didn't take long for me to decide that I was in!  This week's color is RED.
It felt great to just play with my camera a bit today, both around the house and while I was out-and-about.  I love these bobbers my dad gave me--we used to fish with these tied on our lines out at the Bass & Gill Club:
I have grown used to people giving me weird looks when I whip out my camera to take pictures in the produce section at Festival.  The colors are always gorgeous in the produce section, aren't they?

I plan on searching for and capturing all things red this week, and I will post the best of the week's photos on my blog each Sunday.  Want to play along?  Here is the schedule for the Color/Colour challenge: 

RED: week one, Mon 20th January
YELLOW: week two, Mon 27th January
PINK: week three, Mon 3rd February
GREEN: week four, Mon 10th February
PURPLE: week five, Mon 17th February
ORANGE: week six, Mon 24th February
BLUE: week seven, Mon 3rd March

You can check out Andrea and Xanthe's gorgeous photos here.  



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