Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Sweet 16, Maddie-Boo!

Dear Maddie,

Happy 16th Birthday to my very favorite middle girl!  I hope you know that today and every day I am so thankful that you were born.  You are the best surprise I ever received.  I love your sensitive, intuitive side, and I admire your strength.  You know what you like.  You know who you are.  You are loyal and true.  You have no problem telling the difference between right and wrong, and you are quick to fight for those who have suffered an injustice.  I am positive that I was not as together as you are when I was 16.

I love the woman you are becoming, and I know that you are on a path to a happy future.  There might be challenges and obstacles along the way, but I am sure that you will get to where you want to go.  It's a sure thing.

Go out there this year and dance and sing and play and grow.  Be happy.  Laugh a lot.

It's going to be a great year, I just know it.

I love you.



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