Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Washi & Felt Arrows

Hi Friends!

Look at what I made during Sunday's football game!  Aren't they fun?  After John built me my awesome wall in the dining room, I realized that I didn't own a whole bunch of really tall things to fill them with.  In one of the cubbies I used Jack's collection of vintage arrows.  They looked so cool.  Unfortunately, Jack told me on Sunday that he decided he'd like to display the arrows in his room.  Bummer.  

I had made one of these arrows last fall to give to one of my "warrior" swimmers, and I thought a bunch of them grouped together might look just perfect in my wall.  As an added bonus, I already had all of the supplies on hand!  All you need is a dowel rod, some washi tape, felt scraps, and craft glue.  I didn't even do any real measuring.  I just sat down and created.
 It was fun.  I'm pretty sure it's impossible to mess these up.  Don't have any washi tape?  Wrap yarn or strips of fabric around your dowel rod instead.
Hooray for easy, fun, colorful craft projects that look cute in the wall!



The "Do Your Best" pennant is from here.

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