Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday

Hi Friends! 

It's Friday!  This week has sped by, hasn't it? I seem to be losing huge chunks of weeks lately.  Every time I turn around, it's Friday again.  Ready for some fun links?  Here you go!

1.  Karen and I went and saw American Hustle last Saturday night.  Oh my gosh--there's so much goodness and a whole lot of bad hairstyles in that movie.  I'm not sure which was worse--Christian Bale's comb over, or Bradley Cooper's perm.   I will say that the scene with Christian Bale doing his comb over is cringe-worthy and fabulous at the same time.

2.  This cartoon is completely true.  John and I are adamant about the no-phones-during-dinner rule.  Too bad that doesn't always work when we are eating with other adults.

3.  Just for fun:  Old Loves shares snapshots of celebrities with their former flames. 

4.  Hands down, the best-tasting (and good for you!) protein bars I have ever tasted.  Crossfit approved!  : )

5.  I am reading this book.  The book (and the author's website) are both brilliant.  And odd.  In a good way.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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  1. seriously with the phones!!! I couldn't agree more. !