Thursday, March 14, 2013


eating a gluten-free muffin-in-a-minute with strawberries.

feeling happy that Emily is sitting by me.
wishing that she wasn't sitting by me because she is home sick.
loving the sunshine streaming through the windows.
incredibly grateful that I can stay home and be with my kids when they need me.
dreaming about a weekend away with John.  We need to make that happen.
planning an adventure with Jack on Saturday.
excited about upcoming Spring Break adventures.
still deciding on what to serve for Easter dinner.  Christy and I are co-hostessing!
thrilled to be co-hostessing Easter dinner with Christy.  It's going to be fabulous!
praying for my friend, Robin, who lost her mom this week.
watching an old episode of Parenthood.  Emily is newly-addicted.
soaking up the sunshine.

What's up with you today?

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