Friday, March 1, 2013

I Choose {March 2013}

Hellllloooo, March!  I can't believe you are here already!  It's time to set some new goals and check in on how February's goals went.

In February, I choose to:

Purge my craft room and donate things I know I will never use.  Check Plus!  I am 95% done with this, and have a HUGE container of craft supplies ready to give to one of my favorite artsy swimmers.  I have reorganized and labeled all of my supplies in hopes that I will continue to use them up.  It was good for me to touch things and see what I have and get donate what I knew I wouldn't use.

Clean all my junk out of John's garage.  Hmm.  I'd give myself a B on this--I was really motivated to do this  before John got home, and I managed to clear out quite a bit, but I still have things to get out of John's space.

Continue on the "no clothing or shoes" track.  We still don't need anything.  Seriously this time.  I did buy the girls a couple of things when we went to Madison, but nothing outside of the budget.  I'll call this a draw.

Make it 4/4 weeks with only 2 grocery store trips per week.  Fail.  I really need to get better at this.  I don't know how my mom manages to only go once a week.  I will continue to work on this goal, because I know I would use things up more if I didn't go and replenish so much each week. 

Plan 5 under $10 outings--one with John and one with each of the kids.  Fail.  This didn't get done this month.  I will try again in March.

In March I choose to:

Cut down the grocery store trips by planning out (and sticking to) my weekly menu.

Plan 5 $10 outings.  One-on-one time is so important.

Plan one meal out of the freezer each week.  It's time to use all those leftovers!

Stay on budget during my two Chicago trips this month.  (This will be hard, but I know I can do it!!)

What are you choosing to do this month?

Hooray for March and (hopefully) the beginning of spring.  I'm so ready for you, March!



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