Friday, March 22, 2013

Five for Friday

This article about bringing holidays down a notch had me nodding my head in agreement.  (And yes, I know I am guilty of setting the bar really high for silly holidays.  BUT, as I embrace "Less", I find myself agreeing more and more with John:  every little holiday is not an excuse to spend lots of money on gifts.)

Speaking of "Less", this stunning 500-square-foot apartment has me dreaming of a cute little house built just for John and I.  (It goes without saying that, I am not giving up my 4 bathrooms until there are no longer 4 teenagers living under our roof!).

I am so inspired by these two women's Project Life layouts.  They are so dreamy.

Speaking of inspired, this woman's quest to slash her family's food bills has me itching to try it, too.  It would take discipline and a lot of prep work, but I think I'm going to try it in April.  Stay tuned.

I just reserved this book at the library.  Can't wait to read it.

Have a happy weekend, friends!  The girls and I are heading down to Chicago later today to go Prom dress shopping.  (So excited!!!!!)



PS  How gorgeous is that picture above?  I totally want that photo of the paints.  It's color perfection.   Want one?  It's going to be on sale later today in Meg's shop.


  1. love new books ... that one looks good ;)

    yes about holidays!!!!

    and yes about the 500 sq. foot apartment! I sometimes really miss the coziness of our first tiny house ;)

  2. Oh yes, I adore Rachel's Project Life layouts as well!

    Hope your week has been good Vicki. Thanks for all your sweet messages.

    Ronnie xo