Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend With The Nephews

 Hi Sweet Friends!

Check out that shot of my fabulous nephew, Money.  My sister adopted him a few months ago, and let me tell you, he has turned her world up-side-down, in the very best way!  Christy headed out of town this weekend and left him in my care.  I knew I was the woman for the job, after all, I have raised three kids and been a dog owner for the past 20 years.  But just to be sure, I asked Maddie to come along with me to help out.  : )
Oh, friends!  He is just the sweetest thing!  I fell completely head-over-heels in love with him this weekend.  He was so good for Maddie and I as we bumbled through following all his rules and routines.  He was very patient with us.  The getting dressed process (that Christy makes look easy) took us much longer than he is used to.
I think we only broke a few rules this weekend.  Hopefully, we didn't cause any permanent damage.  : )  I found out Christy doesn't let him eat his dinner on the couch:
 Or build a nest out of all of her blankets and pillows:
We also had quite a debate over whether or not he was allowed to drink out of puddles.  He was adamant that Christy lets him.  I wasn't too sure.  He won the argument every time.   He was such a trooper, and as long as the cookies kept coming, there were no complaints.
 Oh!  And lest you think I've forgotten my other nephews, here's a great shot of them with Maddie:
They look thrilled about getting their picture taken, don't they?!? Look at Dolce's face!   : )

In between the dog and kitty-sitting, we got to celebrate mom and dad's birthdays:

And go to one of Tom's concerts:
It was an awesome weekend all the way around!!

Thanks, Christy, for trusting your awesome boys to us!  We loved being with all three of your sweet boys!



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