Monday, June 27, 2011

Kicking Off Wedding Season

Hi Friends!

Those of you who read SoVeryVicki know that my beloved sister, Christy, met her Prince Charming, Michael, and they are planning a wedding in September of 2012.  Yesterday we celebrated their engagement with all of their friends and family.  The day was filled with lovely people who came together to meet and greet and celebrate the fact that these two fabulous people are in love.  I loved meeting all of Michael's loved ones, as well as a bunch of Christy's friends that I knew of, but had never met.  I spent the day going from group to group saying how happy I was for Christy and Michael.  Love is the best, isn't it?  There's nothing like celebrating two people you love.

In honor of the happy occasion, John and I gave them a set of forks.  When I told John I wanted to get them forks to eat their wedding cake with, he gave me one of his famous "John looks."  (Do you get "John looks," too?  You know the ones--the look that kind of says, "Are you kidding me?").  Anyway, I went ahead and ignored the "John Look" and ordered the forks anyway.  Want to see them? Of course you do!

Aren't they lovely?!? I love them!  I found them at Jessica N. Designs on Etsy.  Jessica finds vintage and antique silver and hand stamps them with lovely messages.  Jessica was a dream to work with and I received my forks in days!  She even put their wedding date on the stem.

I love the thought of them using these forks on their wedding day and then again, later on, on some random Tuesday morning or Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully each time they use them they will remember all the lovely details from their special day.

Here's to the start of wedding season, Christy and Michael!  I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

Love you both!




  1. Love that first picture with the doily and the date stamped on it! What a great way to personalize the gift wrapping!

  2. I have some Jessica N Designs goodies, too!