Monday, June 13, 2011

Saving My Pennies

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my newest (not so secret) obsession:  porch swings.  I've decided I'm going to start saving my pennies to buy a little slice of heaven like the one pictured above (found on the oh-so-lovely blog, Meadowbrook Farm).  I can't think of anything that looks more inviting than a beautiful swing covered in colorful cushions and fluffy pillows.  Why, I could live on a swing like that.  I would spend my days swinging away with a tall glass of ice tea by my side and a good book in my lap.  And I just know that a swing like that would be the perfect spot for napping. Don't you agree?  I'd just love to sit side-by-side with John each evening and wave to the neighbors as they pass by.  Yup.  I'm convinced that a porch swing would be just about the coolest thing, ever. 

What are you dreaming of lately?

Hope your day is filled with sunshine.


1 comment:

  1. the swing and the pillows are so lovely.

    quiet a few years ago my husband and i made a very inexpensive porch swing. we took old wooden folding chairs, hacked off the legs and made a swing out of them (we painted it too). i'd do it differently now, maybe use an old bed frame to make a porch swing out of, or vintage (deeper set) chairs. so all that to say maybe you don't have to save your pennies... your porch swing may be a simple project with the pieces right at your finger tips!