Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry Picking and The Peach Guy!

Hello, Friends!

Mother Nature is putting on quite a show for all of us up here in Wisconsin this week. The weather is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! After a month of rain, we all truly appreciate the sunshine and blue skies. Yesterday was about as perfect as it gets. To celebrate, I packed up the girlie-girls and one of their friends and we went over to pick strawberries. I pass by the pick-your-own strawberry farm at least 4 times a day, and every time I think, "this year we're going to pick some yummy strawberries!"  Well, yesterday was the day!

The strawberries were so pretty and perfect!!

We may have gone a little overboard with our picking. We ended up with two crates full of red, juicy berries to take home.

Before we headed out to the strawberry farm, we got word that "The Peach Guy" was in town. "The Peach Guy" is kind of legendary around these parts.  Each summer he trucks up the world's best peaches from down in Georgia. Each peach is perfectly-perfect!  The Peach Guy is in town for one day only, and if you miss him, you're out of luck.  Oh, the pressure!!  The other thing about The Peach Guy is you have to buy a whole box of them at one time--no half orders allowed!  That's a lot of peaches.
So right now, the kitchen is full of beautiful fruit.  We've already made two batches of strawberry jam today and Emily is currently cutting up the remaining berries.  We're going to make strawberry muffins next!  And peach pie tomorrow!  Yay for summer fruit!

Have a sweet day!



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