Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scenes From the Farmer's Market

Hi Friends!
It's my favorite time of the year:  Farmer's Market Time!!  I think the whole city was just as excited as I was about opening day--it was packed!  Going to the farmer's market with Amy and the girls has become a Saturday morning summer tradition. 

We love to throw on sundresses, meet at the coffee shop for a chai tea latte, and then check out all the vendors.  The veggie pickins' were a little sparse this early (radishes, spinach, onions and asparagus), but I know before long the tables will be overflowing with all of summer's best fruits and veggies.

 I can't wait until it's garden salsa time--yum! Of course, I had to pick up some beautiful blueberries (I think they import them from Georgia this time of year).  As soon as the Michigan blueberries start coming in, I'll be stocking up (my kids call me a blueberry hoarder)! 

Tonight we grilled up some asparagus to eat with our chicken.  It was delicious (even Maddie liked it!!).

I'm so glad it's summer.



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