Monday, February 24, 2014

Color/Colour {Purple}

Hi Friends!

Sorry I am late with this post--I completely lost control of my Sunday, and I didn't have a chance to play with my photos until this morning.  I really struggled with finding purple this week.  I think it was the hardest color so far.  The flowers above were in a bouquet we got Maddie for the play.  The one below was taken in Maddie's room.

Thank goodness that Maddie likes purple, or I wouldn't have found anything this week!  : )  The picture below is of one of her pillows.
The gumball shot was taken at the ReStore.  John, Jack, and I stopped by there on Saturday to look for some trim.  John insisted that I should take my camera in.  He was positive that I would find something purple to take a picture of.  Of course, he was right.  No sooner was I in the door than I spotted a fabulous huge gumball machine filled with purple and lavender gumballs.
 I was struggling to get a good shot without a glare from the overhead lights, and a ReStore worker came over and offered to grab me a step ladder and open up the top of the gumball machine.  Seriously?!?  The coolest offer, ever!  He went to get a manager with a key, and when she saw me she smiled and asked if I did Project Life.  When I was done getting my shots, she climbed the ladder and took her own pictures to put in her Project Life spread.  It was a totally cool moment.
This last shot was actually a painting that was for sale at the ReStore.  Jack found it for me.  So yes, John was right -- there were things to take pictures of in the ReStore.  Who knew?!?

Thanks for looking!

On to orange--my favorite!!


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  1. I waited and waited to see your purple collection and I love, love, love it! Between Maddie's love of purple and John's suggestion to take your camera, you made an awesome blog! XOXO, Mom