Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sentimental Fool

Hi Friends--

I wish I could say it was only around Christmas time that I get all sappy and sentimental, but the truth is, I'm a big 'ole ball of sappiness pretty much all year 'round.  I can't help it;  I just love things that remind me of favorite memories and special people.  I think that's why I love to go antiquing so much.  I love running across treasures that remind me of happy times.  Every year I get positively giddy about unwrapping my Christmas decorations. 

Hello, beautiful feather angel girls that belonged to my Grandma:

Hello, cross-stitch ornament made by my mom (she made a matching mini one that she attached to my wedding garter!):

Hello, very favorite felt ornament made by my Grandma:

Hello set of matching iceskates, one for John, and one for me:

Hello, handsome husband wearing his football uniform made by his Grandma (yes, I did marry the high school quarterback!):

Hello set of St. Nicks hand-carved by my Papa:
 Hello, gorgeous shiny ornaments hand-picked by Tommy each year that I use for my centerpiece on my dining room table:

Hello, handprint card made by Jack when he was 5:
 Hello, fabulous, colorful, meaningful banner made by my mom:
 Hello, fun banner made by my Grandma Dorothy:

Hello, Mary and Joseph waiting inside the manger that my Dad built:

Hello, Christmas time.  I love you and all of your sappy, sentimental goodness!



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  1. Dear Mrs. Sentimental,
    I could very well be your sidekick "Sentimental Mama #2" :-)
    One of my FAVORITE pieces of Christmas decor that I put out every year is a Santa that your turn around and it makes music... well, it used to, it is very very old and actually belonged to my mama's grandaddy... when I was little I had it in my bedroom during December and now it is on my Kitchen table :-) I'll try to snap a pic of it and post it...
    Merry Sunday Morning,