Friday, December 23, 2011

A Terrible, Scary Story With A Happy Ending

Hi Friends,

Oh!  My little world was turned on its ear the for last 2 days.  One minute I'm posting pictures about silly mini journals, and the next thing I know I'm flying down 294 trying to get to my dad who was unexpectedly hospitalized on Wednesday afternoon.  My dad had been complaining about shortness of breath since Thanksgiving.  Apparently it got bad enough that that he actually took himself to the doctor. The doctor said he needed to immediately go to the hospital.  Scary stuff, friends.  Scary stuff.  Turns out he has a "significant" blood clot in his lung, and one in his leg.  They put him on Heparin and Coumadin and lots of oxygen.  He was told to lay flat on his back. He wasn't allowed to even get up to go to the bathroom, because when he did, he would set off all the heart alarms and come back so out of breath it took him (literally) 30 minutes to get his breath back.  Yesterday was a really long day.  My main job was to just be there with him. Fill his cup with ice.  Track down a Diet 7Up.  Talk.  Try to make him laugh (which I did, usually at Mom's expense [sorry mom!]).  It's not a lot, but it was all I knew to do.

Today he turned a corner.  I'm absolutely positive that he willed himself better;  he really wants to get home in time for Christmas.  I knew when he was allowed to use the restroom and he came back without wheezing that things were going to be okay.  There's still a lot of taking-it-easy and even some self-administered shots in his near future, but if all goes well, he'll be released tomorrow.

Christmas came early this year.

Thank God.



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