Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The ABC's of What's On My Mind

a=Air conditioning.  It's so hot this week!
b=Blueberries at the farmer's market.
c=Camera--I haven't taken any pictures this week!
d=Dad's new car.  Can't wait to see the color!
e=Emily's insurance=over $1,000/year.  Yikes!
f=Family time needed tonight.  Maybe a board game?
g=Garden is full of strawberries.
h=Hot.  Gosh it is sticky this week.
i=Instagram envy.
j=Jack's hair.  It is so long.  I need to make an appointment to get it cut.
l=Laps in the pool with Amy this afternoon.
m=Mom's Nook.  I hope she got it all straightened out.
n=Naps are necessary as I fight a darn summer cold.
o=Only 5 more letters to go (k,u,v,w,x) and I will be done with this blog.
p=Posters for tomorrow's brat fry are drying all over my dining room.
q="Quote Love" on Pinterest is my most popular board.
r=Raspberries are almost ready to pick!
s=Spaghetti sauce is defrosting on the stove for dinner.
t=Tan lines on my feet from coaching.
y=Yoga with the team--I need to get it on the schedule.
z=Ziplock bags--I go through so many of them during summer swim season.

Hmm...can't come up with anything for those last five...



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