Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life Update//June 4-10

 Hi Friends!

Last week was all about finishing up the school year and welcoming summer.  Both Jack and Maddie had awards ceremonies last week.  I ended up shedding a few tears at Jack's ceremony--I can't believe I won't have any kiddos at Clayton next year!  Jack had a party to go to after school on the last day, so I took Maddie out to lunch, and then we picked up Emily and headed out to get "Kick off the Summer" pedicures--yay!
 We also harvested our first batch of strawberries from the garden.  They were so yummy!  The other big thing that happened last week was John's parents gave Emily a car (thank you!!).  I'm not sure who is the most excited, Emily or me--I am just days away from having another driver in the house.  I can't wait to turn over carpool duties to her!  : )
 I ended up with an insert this week,  I took a big bunch of pictures at Jack's Wacky Games:
And of our trip to Great America with our Godson, Preston.  We all had a blast playing at the water park and riding roller coasters.
Another week in the books!

What were you up to last week?



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  1. ok...
    I would just like to say that I am in AWE of you! You are so creative and genuine and take such time and effort to do these beautiful albums!! You are such an amazing mother and friend to all of these lucky people!!! I love seeing what you've soooo carefully created - with your WHOLE heart!
    Be blessed sweet Vicki!!!
    ~Maggie xo