Monday, June 18, 2012

A+ Weekend!


Wow! We had  a completely jam-packed weekend--and it was awesome!  Friday was Emily's big "Sweet 16" party and my sister, Christy, came up to help her celebrate (YAY!).  Emily and her friends had a blast eating sweets and playing "Newcome" and hanging out.
They played outside until the bugs forced them indoors.  I love having the woods behind us...but hate all the bugs!  : )
Emily received a whole bunch of fabulous gifts...but my favorite had to be the T-shirt she got from Elijah (yay for Big Bang Theory!):
On Saturday, Amy and I met up at the Farmer's Market for a couple of hours while Christy took Emily clothes shopping.  I scored some beautiful asparagus, and Emily got a whole bunch of new, colorful summer clothes.

On Sunday, we met up with Amy and her family and took the boat out on Bear Lake.  The weather was perfect and so was the company!
The boys were so patient with me while I played with my camera on the sports setting.  I was working on getting the perfect jump-off-the-boat shot.  I think they each jumped a minimum of three times for me while I gave them direction, "No! Throw your arms up in the air and kick your legs up!" Here are my favorite shots:
I love my new camera!  And I love weekends that include plenty of family and friends!
Hope you had a great weekend, too!



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  1. look like a great weekend~ enjoy your new camera!