Friday, January 27, 2012

Best of My Pinterest

Hi Friends!

So last week when I was home with my mom we got to talking about Christy's upcoming shower that I'm planning.  I was telling my mom all about how I have dozens of inspiration photos stuck to my Pinterest boards of things I'd like to do/serve/make for the shower.  It didn't take me long to figure out that my mom had no idea what Pinterest is.  I know I've referred to my Pinterest boards on this blog before...but I guess she just didn't know what I was talking about each time.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Pinterest, it's a place to make on-line inspiration boards.  When I see something on someone else's blog, or run across a beautiful picture or cool craft idea, I "pin" it to one of my boards.  In the old days, I would just cut inspirational things out of magazines (I still do this sometimes), but for the most part, now I just pin it on my Pinterest page.  I love that I have all kinds of inspiration boards right at my fingertips.  As an added bonus, Pinterest links the photos back to their original source.  This helps when I need to go back and look for tutorials and DIY tips.  When Pinterest first started, getting an invite to join was kinda like getting invited to the royal wedding:  in other words, hard.  There were actual waiting lists.  These days it's easier, but you still need an invitation.  If you'd like an invite, let me know;   I'd be happy to send you one.

Anyway, I'd thought it might be fun for you to see what is inspiring me these days. I picked one photo from each of my boards to share with you.  The picture above is from my "Time to Redecorate" board, and shows what we're planning on doing to our master bedroom.  I'm kind of giddy about the window seat.  I've always wanted one! 

This is from my "I Love Mail" board:
 I'm loving this quote from my "Magical Quotes" board:
 I totally want to recreate this photo pinned to my "Photography Inspiration" board with my girlie-girls:
 Right now Jack's trying to figure out what kind of Valentine's he wants to send.  I like this idea, which I pinned to my "Holiday Magic" board:
 I am definitely going to make this "Cesar Salad Slow-Cooker Sandwiches" recipe that I pinned to my "Recipe Love" board:
 This cute idea from my "Party Goodness" board makes me want the girls to host a sleepover, ASAP:
This gorgeous arrangement posted on my "Wedding Shower Magic" board has me thinking pastels:

 Amy and I want to recreate this magazine cover I pinned on my "Swim" board (she gave me a floral swim cap for Christmas last year--love it!):
 I'd love to own this print of Chicago I pinned on my "Products I Love" board:
 I think I need to start a collection of vintage hair clips like this one I pinned on my "Vintage Goodness" board (I especially like the cat eye glasses clip!):
 I pin all kinds of book-related fabulousness on my "Book Love" board.  This picture makes me grin:

I want to make a variation of this project, pinned on my "Crafty Goodness" board, which shows all the places John and I have lived since we got married:
 I think this may be the world's most perfect ampersand, so I pinned it on my "Letter Art" board:
 These colors are swoon-worthy, so I pinned them my "Color, Color, Color" board:
 One day I'd love to create this bedroom, pinned to "Little Cottage on the Lake":
 I thought this idea rocked:  Write down memories throughout the year and put them in a jar.  Read the memories on New Year's Eve.  Pinned to my "Love this Idea" blog:
Next summer I want to make dill pickles, too.  Pinned to my "Digging in the Dirt" board:
 Giving frozen cookie dough as a gift so they can make the cookies whenever they want=brilliant!  Pinned to my "Gifts I'd Like to Give" board:
 The cutest little cafe in Chicago, pinned to my "Road Trip" board:
Want to see more?  Feel free to follow all of my Pinterest boards.  I have 945 other pictures for you to look through (Yes, I know; that's a whole big bunch of inspiration).

Have a fabulous day!



PS Click on over to my boards for complete sourcing of all pictures!


  1. ok... this is so funny! a few of these pictures are ones that i have seen and SWOONED over!!! :)
    isn't pintrest fun!?
    thanks for you sweet comment on my new hat! i was SO EXCITED about it! you always say the nicest things - thanks love!
    happy FRIDAY! any big weekend plans???

  2. Oh, I love it! I love getting mail, too! So, so fun. I am going to have to go follow all your boards!

  3. I am always happy to see when you've pinned something, Vicki! You have such awesome taste- and the mutual love for books is pretty spiffy, too!