Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mother/Daughter Book Club

 Hi Friends!

Check out my latest Big Idea:  I'm starting a mother/daughter book club!  The seed of this idea was planted a few years ago during the whole "Twilight" hysteria.  I drove a minivan back then and we were in a carpool with some of the neighbor girls.  I tell you what:  those girls were OBSESSED with Twilight.  Soon, my girls were, too.  Every day, for months, the girls and the neighbors would talk about Edward, Bella, and Jacob.  They talked about these characters like they were real. They debated which "team" they were on.  The argued the merits of who Bella should end up with.  To be honest, it kind of wigged me out.  In fact, it wigged me out so much that I decided I needed to read Twilight and make sure it was all on the up and up.  Long story short, I kind of got sucked into the whole Twilight thing, myself.  Once I read the books, I could talk to my girls about them.  I could ask questions about why they liked Edward better than Jacob.  It opened up a lot of discussion.  And it got me thinking about starting a book club with them.  We could read the same book and then discuss it.  We'd read some teen fiction (lots of vampires), and some classics.  We could even read some of the books on my shelf (which the girls have recently started raiding).

At the time, the girls were kind of lukewarm on the idea.  But a couple of weeks ago I brought up the idea again.  This time, they were both interested!  In no time at all, we came up with four other mother/daughter pairs we thought might be interested in joining.  And they were!
I can't tell you how excited I am about getting this club started.   I'm hoping this new book club will "nourish" my mind and soul, and my relationship with my daughters.  I'm hoping that everyone involved feels free to comment and share feelings about what we read.  I think this club has the potential to be a little bit magical; the kind of thing my girls remember for the rest of their lives.

I can't wait!




  1. Love it, Vicki! You guys are going to have a blast!

  2. I'm glad to hear that it may be working out for you to create your mother-daughter book club. As someone who has been in two groups, one with each of my daughters, for many years, I know you will cherish the experience. If you are looking for ideas for books to read or other meeting ideas, please feel free to check out the website I publish, And if you have any books you want to recommend for other groups as you get going, I would love to hear about them.