Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling Thankful

Hi Friends--

Good news!  Mom's surgery went better than expected.  The surgeon was pleased.  He removed the tumor and it has been sent to pathology.   He couldn't give us any promises, but he seemed to think things looked good. 

Today I am feeling extra thankful...

*for the skill and bedside manner of mom's surgeon
*that the anesthesiologist made my mom smile
*that everyone at University of Chicago, from the valet to the nurses to the folks in recovery were positive and friendly and put my mom at ease
*that Tom, Tommy and Christy were able to sit with my mom and dad all day
*that the snowy, icy roads disappeared as soon as I hit the highway
*that I actually managed to find my way through downtown Chicago to the hospital
*that the first time I saw my mom she gave me a huge smile
*that I got mom and dad back home safely through rush hour traffic
*that mom only woke up once last night to take pain medication and then was able to go back to sleep
*that I have a husband who is able to keep things humming along while I am gone
*that I have kids who understand that it's important for me to go and help when people need me
*that there's a Starbucks within blocks of mom and dad's house

Today my job is to make sure the pain stays under control and that she doesn't push it.  The second part is harder than the first.

I sure would appreciate it if you'd keep her in your thoughts and prayers.




  1. And I'm thankful that my brother and sister-in-law have wonderful children! Love you all, Uncle Ken

  2. Thanks for the update, Vicki. I had the distinct pleasure of caring for my mom during illness, and it is a very precious gift to be able to give your love and honor to her in that way. I absolutely LOVE the super-sweet photo of you holding her hand. May God bless your time with her and give her healing and great test results! The waiting is the pits!

    1. Thanks, Tricia. I am so fortunate that I am able to travel and help mom and dad out when needed. As bad (and scary) as my dad's cancer surgery was, I look back at that time and think of those weeks sitting and talking with him as a very special time. I am so glad I am here to help my mom out. XO PS The picture is of my mom and dad holding hands.

  3. Thinking of you and yours today. It's so very important to have a loving family close when a health crisis occurs. I went thru surgery, chemo and radiation for breast cancer in the last year and my family buoyed me up all the way. Bless you!